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3. Thread: For sewing, select thread from spool or reel of good quality from a reliable brand, matching to fabric in color and size. Various types of threads like cotton, silk, Terylene and nylon threads are available in the market.

7. Band collar: This is a narrow collar (about 1 wide) that stands up above the neckline of the garment all around. It is usually applied to front open garment. This is also called as kurta Sailor Collar Scalloped collar Roll Collar Shirt Collar Peter pan collar 166 collar. This is used in kurtas, kids wear and kameez. It should always be interfaced, if it needs a smart appearance of its upright line. Draw a rectangle ABCF, where AB= neck circumference, BC= collar width (1- 4) curve the top edge by keeping point before B and mark as d. Join d to c.