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I work from my home in Calwell ACT. 

If you are local or in the area, feel free to contact me to organise a time to pop in to see what I have available. 

I am happy to custom make items. If you have a design in mind , send me a sketch and I will be only too happy to let you know what is possible and to give you an obligation free quote.

Stage 8: Press: Do not press over pins as they will leave an impression in the fabric. Stage 9: True all lines of check details. The rough design now needs to be trued in order to establish the correct grain line and to ensure that the armhole, underarm sears and shoulder are the same length. Both sides although perhaps not the same shape on the left and right side if the design is asymmetric.

2. Oiling: It is necessary to oil and lubricate the machine periodically. If the machine is used every day, oil it once a week. If you use it infrequently, then oiling once a month is sufficient. To oil thoroughly remove the upper thread, needle plate, slide plate, face plate, bobbin case, needle and presser foot. Read the instructions manual for location of parts that need application of oil.