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Natalie                 0411 140 297

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Mon - Fri 9am to 5pm

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All queries received outside these hours will be processed the next business day.

I work from my home in Calwell ACT. 

If you are local or in the area, feel free to contact me to organise a time to pop in to see what I have available. 

I am happy to custom make items. If you have a design in mind , send me a sketch and I will be only too happy to let you know what is possible and to give you an obligation free quote.

1. A good placket should be as inconspicuous and flat as possible. It should not be bulky, puckered or stretched. Fastenings should hold securely and there should be no gapping edges. 2. Neck openings must admit the head easily, pass over. The position of the placket should be such that it is easily accessible and convenient to operate.

4. Bell pin: Use of pins for basting and fixing of pattern pieces to the fabric makes work easier, quicker and more accurate. Select sharp thin medium lengthy pins that will not leave pin marks, on all types of fabrics.