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DIGS is 100% Australian owned and operated.


I originally started making leotards over 15 years ago when my daughter started gymnastics. I loved all the fabrics and purchasing them became a bit of an addiction. I try not to make too many of any one colour combination so that I can keep my items a little more unique.

If you do not see what you want, if you have an idea in mind, send me a sketch and I will see what I can do.

I do import some items and I endeavour to make sure these are clearly marked in the description of the item so you are aware of the product origin.

I have spent a lot of time searching for quality fabrics and suppliers especially when it comes to our sublimation designs.

I am proud to say that I am now making more sublimated designs rather than importing them.  The fabric is still sourced overseas, but is designed / printed here in Australia and made by myself.





4. Filamentous yarns are preferred as warps 4. Spun yarns are used 5. Yarns are stronger 5. Weaker yarns can also be used 6. Twist is more and yarns per inch is also 6. Twist and yarns per inch is less.

3. Block paper pattern: Generally these are made with standard sizes with thick cardboards. These are mostly used in garment industries. The garment made out of these block patterns will fit for those who have measurements equivalent to that of the standardised body measurement.