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Size 10 Seconds - Sleeveless Leotard

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Even Tacking Uneven Tacking Diagonal Tacking 4. Tailors Tacking: Start tacking using double thread of contrasting color, so that they can be easily seen. Tack through double layer of fabric along the seam lines using even stitches of length apart, leave them as loop without pulling it tight. After completing, raise the upper layer of fabric slightly and clip the thread between the layers. So that the thread tuft, will remain on both the layers of fabric and remain as a guide line. This is especially used for marking details between patterns such as dart markings and pleat markings.

2. In seam pocket: Any type of pocket in which the opening falls along a seam line of the garment is referred as pocket set into seam. This type of pocket is used in pants of men and women, skirts , trousers, shorts, kids wear, kurtas and pyjamas.