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2. Embroidery starts without knitting threads, but with a tiny back stitch. Types of stitches: a. Gavanthi: This is a simple more common stitch derived from the Kannada wordGantu means knot. It is a double running stitch, in which the first running stitch is filled by the second running stitch on the same line. The second one worked exactly opposite to the first one.

Stage 2: Substitute dress fabrics; To model the entire garments in the actual fabric is ideal, but unfortunately it makes experimentation expensive. For this reason, professional designer may use a fabric with similar properties which has been left over from a previous collection. Alternatively, the non-draped parts of the garment can be modeled in muslin with just the draped sections made in the actual fabric. When draped designs for checks or stripes, mark in the position of the lines on the muslin to get the effect of the fabric and to match the lines along the seams.