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Ladies - Sports Bra

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Description: Black sports bra

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10. Skirt with peplum: This is as straight skirt with flounce or short, flared frill, added or attached at the waistline or waistband. Peplums extend from the waist, down till the hip. 11. Pegged skirt: It is also known as peg-top or inverted skirt as it has fullness introduced at the waistline and with no fullness at the hemline. The skirt may be gathered, pleated or cowled into the waistband.

5. Adjusting the tension: Before regulating the tension disc make sure that the threading of the machine - upper and under threading is correct. When there is a perfect balance of tensions between the upper and lower threads the stitches lock or meet together in the middle of the thickness of the cloth. The stitch will look alike on both sides related to shape and thickness. When the upper tension is too tight, the spool thread lies straight on the top of the fabric and the under thread appears like loops on the upper side of the cloth. If the upper tension is too loose the under thread lies straight on the under side of the fabric and the upper thread appear like loops on the underside. An easy method of recognizing tension is to stitch diagonally across a square of fabric folded on true bias as shown and then stretch the cloth firmly between your fingers until one or both threads break. The broken thread is always the one with tighter tension. If the tensions are balanced both threads break together and require more force to break. If adjustments are needed, it is better to adjust the upper tension. To increase or decrease, upper tension turn the screw on the tension regulator Adjusting the tension with the presser foot down. In turning the screw remember, that right is tight and left is loose. Usually there will be numbers written on the tension dial. To increase tension you should turn toward the higher numbers and to decrease turn toward the lower numbers. Do not move more than two numbers or a slight turn at a time. Stitch on a sample of fabric to recheck the tension.