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Ladies - Shorts

Price: $35.00

Description: Dusty Pink or black super soft shorts with inside pocket

Item: 3271


a. Spooling: Yarn is wound on large spools, or cones which are placed on a rack called a creel from this yarns are wound on warp beam, which is similar to huge spool. b. Starching: These yarns are unwound to be put through a slashing or sizing bath. The slasher machine covers every yarn with a coating to prevent breaking during weaving process.

e. Hem facing: Wide bias tape or lace used for facing hems and binding edges. f. Ribbing Tape: A stretchable knitted band used to finish a neckline, armhole, sleeve, leg or waistline. 7. Velcro: These have two tape strips, one with a looped nap surface and the other with a hooked nap. When pressed together, surfaces grip and remain locked until pulled apart.