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Ladies - Shorts

Price: $35.00

Description: High waisted Shorts with plenty of pockets

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8. In old notation method, denoted by P. Examples: Batiste, Cheese cloth, Cretonne, Percale, voile. b. Satin weave: A satin weave is a weave where four (or more) shaft with warp floats in interrupted diagonal. Interlacings are never adjacent to one another. Satin repeat over altest 5 ends and 5 picks but the warp ends interlace only once per repeat.

19.4 CREATING VARIETY IN POCKET DESIGN: 1. Variety in shape, size, location and number: Pockets can be of varied shapesrectangular, triangular, heart shpaed, oval shped, scalloped, round. They may be placed at different positions in the garment. A pocket design can be with two breast pockets and two hip pockets, the size of the hip pocket being about 1 times more than the size of the breast pockets.