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Girls Clothing - Sleeveless Leotard

Price: $60.00

Description: Blush Pink mystique with white lined mesh covered in rhinestones. Imported

Item: 3263


3. French seam: This is also called as double seam and is used on transparent and light weight fabrics, especially on baby clothes and delicate blouses. Such as voile organdy, muslin French seam etc. It is a neat and durable finish, as the raw edges are completely enclosed. Do not use this seam on curves such as armholes and yokes stitched first. Plain seam must be trimmed and then stitched to prevent wrinkles seen on the right side. The two pieces of materials to be joined are placed together with wrong sides facing. Work a row of stitching 1/8 outside the seam line towards the raw edges. After stitching, trim the seam allowances to less than 1/8. Press the seam and turn the work so that the right sides are together.

(d) Breaking: The stalk becomes partially separated from the fiber when the wet plants are placed in the fields to dry. When the decomposed woody tissue is dry, it is crushed by being passed through fluted iron rollers. This breaking operation reduces the stalk to small pieces of bark called sheaves.