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Girls Clothing - Sleeveless Leotard

Price: $40.00

Description: Pink Mystique spandex with rhinestones

Item: 3242


6. Appearance of the wearer: Facial shapes, size of the neck etc., are important factors to be considered while designing collars. For example a round face will appear rounder in a very round collar, but 164 a very pointed or squares collar also accents the roundness because of the marked contrast in shape. A medium oval shaped collar will be the best choice for this type of face. For people with thin long necks select standing collars or collars with slight roll and avoid low neck lines. Long pointed collars are flattering to men with broad faces and short necks.

3. Sleeve with gathers at top and bottom: This is the most common type of puff sleeve. The sleeve is finished with a band and with a frill. To prepare the pattern, draw the straight line EF and then cut right through all the slash lines. Spread apart the different sections keeping the sleeve cap line EF on a straight line. Redraw adding 1 to 2 extra length at top and bottom as shown in figure. This pattern can also be used to make a sleeve with gathers at top edge but with fullness at lower edge is gathered and finished with band.