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Girls Clothing - Shorts

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Description: Sublimated Mystique Shorts

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Flap Bound Welt 185 2. Variety in material and grain: Interesting effects can be achieved by planning pockets of material different in color, design, texture or grain from the garment material. A design with the pocket flap (also the collar and buttons) can be made out of contrasting coloured material. A design with printed pockets on a plain garment and vice versa. A striped dress design where the pocket is cut on crosswise grain and finished with bias edging while the rest of the garment is cut on lengthwise grain.

3. Chain Stitch: This is done side by side to fill large shapes or can be used to work single lines. Work the stitches towards you starting from the top of the line. Bring the thread out to the right side of fabric. Insert needle in fabric at the same point, holding the thread down with your left thumb. Bring the needle point out a short distance ahead and pull it through, keeping the working thread under the needle. The result is a loop. In starting the next stitch remember to insert the needle just inside the loop.