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Girls Clothing - Sleeveless Leotard

Price: $55.00

Description: Sublimated Leotard. Designed and made by us. Fully lined

Item: 3229


3.4.2 Properties of Nylon: Shape : Shape is controlled by the manufacturer, filaments are uniform and long. Luster : Bright to Dull Elastic Recovery : 100% Elongation : Good Resiliency : Good Density : 1.1 g / ccm Moisture absorption : 8% Dimensional stability : Excellent Acids : resistance is poor Alkalies : Good resistance Sun light : Generally affects Insects : Normally damages To flame : Self extinguishing 3.5 POLYESTER: Polyester is sometimes referred to as the workhorse fiber of the industry. The filament form of the fiber has been said to be the most versatile fiber and the staple form has been called the big mixer because it can be blended with so many other fibers, contributing its good properties to the blend without destroying the desirable properties of the other fiber.

12.5 SEAM FINISH: A seam finish is any technique used to make a seam edge look neater and/or keep it from raveling. A seam finish can be selected depending on the type of garment and texture of the fabric.