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Girls Clothing - Sleeveless Leotard

Price: $55.00

Description: Sublimated Leotard. Designed and made by us. Fully lined

Item: 3229


b. Bonded fabrics: Bonded fabrics constitue a larger area of non-wovens and this word is used as a constituent of non-wovens. Questions: PART I Objective questions: 1. Warp yarns are (a) weaker (b) stronger (c) single yarn (d) textured yarns 2. Weft yarns are (a) parallel to selvedge (b) stronger (c) perpendicular to selvedge (d) plain yarns 3. Basic loom consists of (a) shuttle (b) comb (c) spools (d) cones 4. Satin weave fabrics are (a) durable (b) cheap (c) dull (d) expensive 5. Non-woven fabrics are (a) easy to shape (b) can be mended (c) tear easily (d) edges ravel Answer in one or two words: 1. Define warp.

In India there are very few concerns making paper patterns probably because there is not much demand for them. Unlike in foreign countries we have the facility to get our clothes custom tailored at fairly reasonable rates, housewives and woman who know a little bit of tailoring prefer to make their own patterns rather than buying expensive ready made patterns. This may be another reason for the lack of demand for commercial patterns.