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Girls Clothing - Sleeveless Leotard

Price: $65.00

Description: Sublimated Mystique Leotard with rhinestones. Designed and made by us.

Item: 3227


Main purpose of selvedge is to hold warps and wefts together. It prevents fabric from ravelling. In machine loom a separate operation is required to finish the edges. Selvedge is usually much more compact than rest of the fabric. There are more warp yarns in the area of selvedge. 1. Mostly ply is used for selvedge. 2. Twist is more in selvedge. 3.Suppose body fabric is in a weak weave then the selvedge is stronger than the rest of the fabric.

16. Bullion stitch: Bring the thread out on the surface of the cloth and insert the needle a short distance away from that point according to the length of stitch required. Bring the needle up through the first point and wind the thread round the needle for a distance equal to the length of the stitch.