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Accessories - Wrist Bands

Price: $12.50

Description: Extra long 14-15cm wrist bands

Item: 3222


(a) Loop stitch (b) Feather stitch (c) Back stitch (d) Tailor taking 4. This is a permanent stitch. (a) Back stitch (b) Satin stitch (c) Chain stitch (d) Herringbone stitch 5. This is a flat filling stitch used to cover regular or irregular shaped spaces.

Basic Skirt Skirt with minimum flare Gathered Skirt 179 4. Pleated skirt: A skirt in which extra fullness at the waistline is accommodated in the pleats. A pleat is a fold in the fabric that releases fullness. Skirt can have pleat at different positions all over. They may be folded and left unpressed or pressed, may be grouped or left ungrouped with or without even spacing. Pleats may be formed in a variety of ways and named accordingly, for eg. knife pleated skirts, box pleated skirt, inverted pleat skirt, accordion pleated skirt and sunburst pleated skirt.