Dance Ice Gymnastics Sportswear

Ladies - Sports Bra

Price: $35.00

Description: Made from Moisture wicking soft touch lycra with removable cups. Imported

Item: 3219


b. Separating zipper: Separating zippers are made to open at both top and bottom, permitting the zipper opening to separate completely. Although used mainly on jackets, they can really be applied to any garment with a completely opened front. Also, dual reversible and two-way zippers that zip from the top and from the bottom are aailable for jumpsuits and similar garments.

3. Ruffles: This is also a type of frill. To make a pattern for circular ruffle. Cut a piece of circular fabric with its inner circle equal to the circumference of the neckline and its outer circle 1- 2 away from the inner circle. Cut the circular fabric at any one point and attach it the inner circle to the neckline of the garment. Double ruffle can be attached to the armhole hemline on either sides. The placement of the double ruffle gives a panelled effect to the front of the garment.