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Girls Clothing - Sleeveless Leotard

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Description: Sublimated Leotard. Designed and made by us.

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Trim the seam as wide as the finished binding. Turn under 1/8 to on the outer edge of the bias and fold it over the seam on the wrong side. Now hem the fold to the line of stitching using hemming stitches.

e. Manufacturing Process: Long and short fleece are separated. Superior wool comes from the sides and shoulders, where it grows longer, finer and softer, and is treated as one fleece; wool from the head, chest, belly and shanks is treated as second fleece. The wool is packed in bags or bales. The raw wool is called grease wool because it has natural oils of sheep. It is washed and the grease is used in the pharmaceutical industries. Wool is then sorted which is the process of breaking up an individual fleece into its different qualities. Recycled wool fibers are obtained by separately reducing the unused and used material to a fibrous mass by a picking and shredding process called garneting. This is then treated with acids and the process is called carbonizing and the process is called scouring. The wool is then dried leaving 12 to 16% of the moisture. As the wool is unmanageable after scouring, the fiber is usually treated with various oils, including animal, vegetable, and mineral or a blend of these to keep it from becoming brittle and to lubricate it for spinning. The wool is then dyed if required and blended.