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Girls Clothing - Leggings

Price: $45.00

Description: Made from a Liquid Titanium fabric that helps promote blood circulation with mesh insert and flatseams for comfort. 3/4 Length. Approx inside leg length 40cm

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Properties of Twill weave: 1. Twill weave is one of the strongest weave. 2. It has fairly good drape. 3. More tightly woven. 4. A twill weave does not get dirt easily but once it gets dirt it becomes really difficult to clean them.

c. Properties of Linen: Shape : Width varies. Diameter is varies from a few inches to 22 inches or more; average length after processing is 10 to 15 inches Luster : Medium to high Elastic Recovery : Low elongation Resiliency : Poor Density : 1.5 Moisture absorption : Good Dimensional Stability : Good Acids : Good to cool, dilute. acids; low or poor to hot dilute. Poor to concentrated either hot or cold Alkalies : High resistance.