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Red Blue Color Pencil Marking chalk Tracing Wheel 3. Pinking Shears: Select a light weight pinking shear. These are useful for finishing the edges of seams and other raw edges of fabric. They produce a notched (zigzag) cutting line which prevents raveling of woven fabrics. Pinking gives a neat appearance to the inside of garments.

4. Lazy daisy stitch: This is an elongated chain stitch used to work petals of small flowers and small leaves. Bring the thread out on the right side near the base of one petal. Take a long stitch of the length of the petal and pull the needle through fabric, looping the threads under the needle. To hold the end of the loop in place insert the needle down over the thread which forms the loop. Bring out the needle again near the base of the next petal and repeat the same procedure as given above.