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3. Ruler: A ruler is useful for measuring small distances as tucks, hems, facing, etc. on patterns, for drawings lines and marking dots. Meter Scale Measuring Tape Ruler 6.3 DRAFTING TOOL: These tools are helpful to fix the pattern, draw, draft and cut the pattern as well as fabric. The following tools will be of use. Some of the drafting tools are 1. Wooden Table 2. Brown sheet 3. Dress Model 4. Bell pin 5. Pin Cushions.

Make double or triple feather stitch by making two or three slanting stitches on one side and then a similar number on the other side. 10. Chevron stitch: This stitch is worked between double line. Bring the thread through on the lower line at the left side, insert the needle a little to the right on the same line and take a small stitch to the left emerging half-way between the stitch being made.