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Size L8 Seconds - Sleeveless Leotard

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Size: L8


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Balanced & Unbalanced Yarns Direction of twist Single, Ply and Cord Yarns Single Yarn Ply Yarn Cord Yarn A single yarn is made A ply yarn is made by Cord yarns are directly from fibers. second twisting operation composed of two or more which combines two or more ply yarns combined for singles. Each part of the yarn is simple cord yarns, the called a ply. The twist is singles used to make the inserted by a machine called ply yarns and the ply yarns twister. The ply yarn is also used to make the cord are known as folded yarn. simple yarns.

2. What are the reagents that react to form polyester? 3. Name the process by which nylon is manufactured. 4. How Acetate is properly called? 5. Name the three different methods by which spinning is done.