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5. Weighing: The amount of weight that silk loses in the degumming process is an appreciable factor in manufacturing costs because the manufacturer buys silk by weight. The weighing of silk fabric with metallic substances to make up for the weight lost by degumming is an accepted practice in the silk industry. Weighted silk, however loses the natural elasticity of the silk fiber and is subject to deterioration when exposed to sunlight, perspiration and dry cleaning.

2. Give the clothing of Eskimos. 3. How does nomades dress? 4. Define Safety in clothing. 5. Define Insignias. 6. Give a note on the dresses of ancient people. 7. What are the fibres used by ancient people? 8. How do early people dyed their fabric? 9. What is agrarian society? PART II Answer in a paragraph: 1. How will you justify the use of clothing as protection? 2. Give short notes on styles and colors in clothing? 3. Why clothes are decorated? 4. How clothes help in identification? 5. Give short notes on modesty in clothing? PART III Answer in a page: 1. Brief out on safety in clothing.