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Size L6 Ladies - Sports Bra

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2. Oiling: It is necessary to oil and lubricate the machine periodically. If the machine is used every day, oil it once a week. If you use it infrequently, then oiling once a month is sufficient. To oil thoroughly remove the upper thread, needle plate, slide plate, face plate, bobbin case, needle and presser foot. Read the instructions manual for location of parts that need application of oil.

. . . . . . . . . . . Hem stitched seam finish 129 7. Edge stitched seam finish: Plain seam is stitched and pressed open. Then turn under on each seam edge and top stitch close to the fold without catching the garment. This finish is used on unlined coats and jackets where a wide seam allowance is available. This is a bulky finish and is not suitable for deeply curved seams.