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4. Zippers: These fasteners are available in a wide variety of colors, lengths and types. Several type of speciality zippers are available. Three basic types of zipper are conventional, Button Button Hole Stitching of button and button hole 147 separating and invisible zippers. All zippers consist of either a chain of metal or plastic teeth or a synthetic coil joined to fabric tapes. Chains and coils are made in many weights and sizes, spirals of polyester or nylon. Coil zippers are lighter in weight, and usually more flexible, than chain zippers. Unlike metal, they will not rust, and they are available in more colors. Metal zippers are less affected by heat.

Bias Facing Decorative Facing Facing appear on the right side of the garment. The right side of the facing must be matched to the wrong side of the garment to ensure that it will be right side out when finished. If this is to be applied to the neck line, shoulder seam of the garment, it should be reverse just inside the outer finished edge of the facing. This is to prevent raw edges of Marking, Cutting & Joining of Bias Piece 162 shoulder seam from showing at the neck line. Decorative facing are usually made with scallops, points or other designs along the outer edge. Particular care should be taken to see that the right and left halves are symmetrical in design and shape.