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Size L10 Girls Clothing - Shorts

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Size: L10


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Always fasteners should be fixed on to double material for strength. They should be fixed in such a way that the right side of the garment laps over the left side for women and the left laps over the right for men. Buttons and buttonholes are generally used for mens shirt, trousers etc., just as press buttons, hooks and eyes are used for ladies cholies and childrens dresses.

Degummed Cultivated Silk Weighted Cultivated Silk Wild Silk Wrinkles little, fine lustre Full, heavy, wrinklesless, Coarser, heavier than fine and smooth durable and has strong lustre cultivated silk, darker Types: spun silk, noil silk c. Properties of silk: Shape : The fiber is long from 1,000 to 1,300 years.