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Size L10 Girls Clothing - Shorts

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Size: L10


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Paste another strip of tape closely below the widest hip. Paste stripe curving under each bust to preserve contour. c. First layer of strips, 12 to 15 inches. Begin at center front and back, paste moistened strips on the figure from neck and shoulder edges to taped waistline, over lapping strips of the strip width. Let strips curve to body contour as they will, and f too long tear off excess length. Continue pasting strips to armscye edge, overlapping strips at top of shoulder. Repeat for second side of front and back. From waist to lower hip edge, paste 9 to 12 inch strips at right angles to waist, joining tape ends to those above the waist. Paste 5 to 9 inch strips diagonally from underarm to lower hip edge, allowing strips to overlap front and back. Repeat for second side.

Leg-o-mutton 6. Raglan sleeve 7. Kimono Sleeve 8. Magyar sleeve 9. Sleeves till elbow 10. Full Sleeve. 1. Plain Sleeve: This type of sleeve has no fullness at lower edge or top edge and is commonly used on sari blouses. ELFGH is the pattern for a short plain sleeve. HG is the lower edge of the sleeve. EG and FH are side seams. ELF is the top edge of the sleeve (sleeve cap seam line) which is attached to the armhole edge of the bodice. This pattern can be used to develop various sleeve styles. The vertical lines drawn within the sleeve pattern are the lines through which the sleeve can be slashed or cut to develop it into other types of sleeve styles.