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Size 8 Girls Clothing - Long Tops

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Now-a-day, Sewing Machine is considered as one of the useful devices in every home. Sewing machines are available commercially in different models, such as domestic model, Tailor model, industrial model, portable and electronic model. These may be operated by hand, treadle or electric motor. When choosing a sewing machine, select a model from a well known, reliable manufacturer. Automatic Sewing Machines that make zig zag stitch in addition to the usual straight stitch are also being manufactured and sold now.

4. Embroidery: Simple embroidery designs enhance the appearance of childrens garments. In the dress design chain stitch for couching stitch can been worked Attaching sequins and beads Embroidery Stitch 153 to small motifs with lazy daisy stitches or bullion stitches are worked within the false yoke and godet. Instead of embroidery, beads or sequins can be applied.