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b. Separating zipper: Separating zippers are made to open at both top and bottom, permitting the zipper opening to separate completely. Although used mainly on jackets, they can really be applied to any garment with a completely opened front. Also, dual reversible and two-way zippers that zip from the top and from the bottom are aailable for jumpsuits and similar garments.

Sunlight : Good Insects : Good To Flame : Burns readily 2.3 ANIMAL FIBERS: Natural protein fibers are obtained from animal sources like hair and other secretion, fibers include covering from such animals as sheep, mohair goat, cashmere goat and camel. Secretions are obtained from the larva, or worm stage, of the silkworm, which spins the cocoon from which silk fibers are obtained and from the spider which spins fine fibers in making its web. There are some properties of hair fibers and secretions which are quite similar and on the other hand there are properties which are totally different.