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2.3.1 Silk: In old English, silk was sioloc. The name is thought to have originated from the Greek Seres, meaning the people from Eastern Asia, namely the Chinese. Silk is very fine strand of fiber that is a solidified protein secretion produced by certain caterpillars to encase themselves in the form of cocoon.

The opening in the reed through which the warp yarns are threaded are called Dents. This maintain the warp yarns in a systematic relation and prevents yarns from tangling Back Strap Loom during weaving process.The cloth beam is located at the front of the loom and holds the completed fabric. So we can say a basic loom consists of: 1. Warp beam 2. Heddles and harness 3. Shuttle 4. Reed 5. Cloth beam Now-a-days highly sophisticated looms are available which may have devices other than these but all the looms no matter how specialized they are, have some basic operations which are fundamental and are performed in sequence and are constantly repeated.