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2. Draw string neckline: It is a neckline with cord, threaded through a caseing (i.e folded edge with gap to insert Tape) to be gathered and adjusted high or low. These are mostly used in Kids wear like, Jabla, Nighty and in ladies skirt top 3. Cowl neckline: A cowl neckline is developed by adding one or more folds to the neckline cowls are always cut on the bias and have free and folded effect when worn cloth suitable for cowls are sheer and light weight type fabrics such as chiffon, silk, crepe, crepe silk, soft satin, georgette, jersey etc. The Pattern prepared for particular fabric, say satin, cannot be used for chiffon, as each fabric is having different characteristics.

158 5. Halter neckline: It consist of a strap, rope, or band around neck, attached to backless bodice (i.e. back and shoulders bare) It is tied in a bow at back neck. It is geneerally used in kids party wear and frocks.