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Size 6 Girls Clothing - Long Sleeved Leotards

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Size: 6


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8. In old notation method, denoted by P. Examples: Batiste, Cheese cloth, Cretonne, Percale, voile. b. Satin weave: A satin weave is a weave where four (or more) shaft with warp floats in interrupted diagonal. Interlacings are never adjacent to one another. Satin repeat over altest 5 ends and 5 picks but the warp ends interlace only once per repeat.

Degummed Cultivated Silk Weighted Cultivated Silk Wild Silk Wrinkles little, fine lustre Full, heavy, wrinklesless, Coarser, heavier than fine and smooth durable and has strong lustre cultivated silk, darker Types: spun silk, noil silk c. Properties of silk: Shape : The fiber is long from 1,000 to 1,300 years.