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19.5 CONSTRUCTION OF POCKET: 1. Patch Pocket: Patch pocket may be lined or unlined. A lining is needed for fabrics that stretch or sag. Fabrics that are firm enough to hold their shape can be used without a lining. The steps in constructing a patch pocket are as follows.

Welt seam Lapped seam Slot seam 127 5. Slot seam: This variation of lapped seam is used in skirt, coat and dresses for decoration. Sometimes it is combined with an inverted pleat. Cut a strip of fabric of the same length as the seam itself and having a width more than twice the width of the seam allowance. Work a row of tacking down the centre of the strip. Take the two parts of the garment to be seamed and fold their seam allowances to the wrong side. Now, with right side up, place the folded edge over the strip so that the folds fall exactly on the tacked line of the strip.