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1.2 EARLY DEVELOPMENT OF SEWING AND FABRIC: Once they started to hunt they used the skin of animals as clothes. This skin when continuously used becomes harder and made difficult for them to hunt. For this purpose he started to treat the skin to preserve its softness. Later the bones of animals were used as needle and nerves were used as thread to stitch the hides.

14. Wrap around skirt: The basic skirt can be modified to make the pattern for a wrap around skirt. Trace the basic pattern kept on the folded edge. Cut of the traced pattern and open it. Determine the amount of the overlap and mark this, making a curve at the hem line. The edge must be finished with a facing. So extend the front edge. This facing can be turned to the outside when making up and machine around the curved edge, then turned to the inside and the hem completed in the usual way. To complete the pattern for the left side, cut another one from the original pattern and extend this at least 3 beyond the centre front line.