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2. Chikankari of Lucknow: Chikan work is otherwise called as shadow work, white work or white embroidery. The charm of this type of embroidery is very attractive and delicate style enhanced through the use of single color with simplicity miniature pattern and unbelievable eveness. This embroidery is basically down with white thread muslin background. Hence the name white embroidery. On narrow strips of cloth, this embroidery gives fine and delicate lacy effect.

a. Cotton and Linen: If the fabric is white cotton it should be allowed for at least 4 hours in hot water to remove starch. To shrink the cloth uniformly the position of the cloth in vessel should be changed occasionally. For coloured materials luke warm water should be used and the same processes followed as for white fabrics given above. Different coloured fabrics should not be immersed in water together. Each colour should be immersed separately. After the material has been shrunk it should be allowed to dry in shade and should not be squeezed to remove water. The stiff materials like canvas or long cloth etc. should also be shrunk before they are used.