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Size 4 Girls Clothing - Long Tops

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Draw curved lines on all these points to make a skirt. 6. Circular skirt: Select a fabric of maximum width for this type of skirt. This will not have any side seam. The fabric must be folded lengthwise as well as crosswise of same size square for this Skirt. To prepare the pattern draw a square ABCD, where = AB = CD = 1/6 waist + Skirt length AE = AF = 1/6 waist. Join BD Diagonally. Join EF.AE = OP = FC = Skirt length.

A bag with compartments for keeping the things is essential. Arrange the contents in such a way that there is a place for everything. Ironing Board Iron Box Sleeve board Seam roll Questions: PART I Objective questions: 1. The important tool in taking body measurement.