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Different types of Lay-out 121 8. The patterns must be placed on the fabric in the most economical way. 9. Pin patterns to the fabric firmly, after placement of the pattern has been decided, pin the corners and the long outside edges of the patterns, placing pins close to and approximately perpendicular to the cutting line. Use just enough pins to keep the pattern in position. Too many pins will distort the edges. You should start cutting the fabric only after pinning all the pattern pieces.

However the most modern term used is modeling. Although modeling is basically a skill, artistic acumen is necessary to use the technique to full average for the design of a garment. There are some fabrics which land themselves more readily to draped styles because they have a quality which allows the material to hang in unison with a complementary to the body. In other words they posses drape Eg. of such fabric are jersey, chiffon, and moss crepe.