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PART III Answer in a page: 1. What are the different types of paper pattern? 2. Give the advantages of paper pattern. 3. Explain about commercial pattern. Brief out on its types. How will you select commercial pattern? PART IV Answer in detail: 1. Discuss on the principles of drafting.

4. Shoulder: Measure from the neck joint to the arm joint along the middle of the shoulder (A to B in fig. a) 5. Front waist length: Measure down from highest point of shoulder to waist line through the fullest part of the bust (A to C fig. a) 6. Shoulder to bust: Measure down from highest point of shoulder to tip of bust (A to D in fig. a) 7. Distance between bust points: Measure in the horizontal direction, the distance between the two bust points (D to E fig. a) 8. Back width or across back measurement: Measure across back from armhole to armhole about 3 inches below base of neck (P to Q in fig b) 9. Back waist length: Measure from the base of neck at the centre back to waist line (R to S in Fig b).