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Size 14 Seconds - Sleeveless Leotard

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5.3 KNITTING: Knitting is the second most important method used in fabric construction. In 1589, Rever and William Lee, English men invented the first knitting machine. Today the modern machine is based onthe same general principles estabilished by William Lee.

8. Other variations of twill weave include: Pointed twill, Herring bone, Gabardine, Corkscrew twill and so on. 6. Surface figured weaves: Many decorative and patterned fabrics can be made by inserting extra warp and/or filling yarns during the fabric construction process. When extra warp yarns are used, they are wound on to an additional warp beam and threaded into separate heddles so that they can be controlled-depending on the complexity of the pattern, either by the dobby or the Jacquard attachment. Looms used for such constructions must have numerous harnesses or individual yarn control, in order to have sufficient warp control for the design to be formed.