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2. Sleeve with gathers at top only: This type of sleeve is sometimes used in dresses. The lower edge of this sleeve has no fullness, but the top edge has fullness in the form of gathers. To prepare the pattern, take the basic short sleeve pattern and draw slash lines as explained earlier. Now slash along these lines from top to almost near the bottom edge. Keep the slashed pattern on another sheet of paper and spread open Plain Sleeve Sleeve gathered at top 170 the upper edge, the required amount of fullness as shown in figure. You may spread the sleeve so that E to F is about 17 (i.e. 1 less than half width of dress fabric so that two sleeves can be cut from one length of sleeve). Increase the length of the sleeve by 1 to 2 as shown for puffing. Draw the outline of the new sleeve on the new sheet of paper. (The top edge is shown with dotted line).

Semi-Durables. Durables are those which are manufactured for intention of longer use, e.g., furnishing, carpets (Numdhas), carpet backing. Mostly nylon, polyester and rayon, etc., are used. Disposables are those that are intended to use only for a limited application. Throw away after use. It should not be very expensive. Cost of manufacture and material in this case should not be too high, e.g., Diapers, Tissue paper, surgeons gloves, gowns, filters, etc. Rayon is the fiber which is most commonly used. Semi Durables are used to make products as table mats. Can be used more than one time.