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Harvesting is either by hand or by picking machines. (4) Ginning: If the newly harvested seed cotton is wet, then it may have to be dried, using warm air, before it can be stored in large piles to await ginning. In many countries, drying is an integral part of the ginning process. Ginning is the separation of fibers from the seeds. It is done by special machines. The separated fibers called lint, have a staple length of between 15 and 50 mm depending on the variety. On many types of seed, there are some very short fibers, called linters. They are made of cellulose and they find many uses, including the production of man-made fibers. The seeds can also be utilised for the production of edible oil.

1. Opening and Picking: In order to produce a uniform product, the fibers from numerous bales be blended, or thoroughly mixed together, and from this composite, the final yarns will be produced . The masses of fibres from these numerous bales will be fed into a machine called a blending feeder. As these masses of fiber are loosened and thoroughly mixed, some remaining heavy impurities such as dirt, remnants of seeds, leaves or stems, are removed by a line of machine known respectively as pickers, breakers, intermediates and finishers each in succession being a somewhat more refined cleaner of the raw fibres. From these machines, the fabric emerges as a lap, a loose, formless roll.