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2. Novelty Yarns: Novelty yarns are made primarily for their appearance. They differ from simple yarns that their structure is characterized by irregularities. ASTM defines a fancy yarn as a yarn that differs significantly from the normal appearance of single or plied yarns due to the presence of irregularities deliberately produced during its formation.

(a) Faggotling (b) Laces (c) Ric rac (d) Belts and bows 3. Embroidering over gathers is called (a) Faggoting (b) Smocking (c) Lace (d) Applique 4. when the Belt is tied with a cord at the centre, then it is called (a) Lace (b) Ric rac (c) Faggoting (d) Bow 5. Stitches between folded seam edges are called (a) Applique (b) Faggoting (c) smocking (d) Ruffles Scallop Application of scalloped edges on the garments 156 Answer in a one word: 1. Write the uses of ruffles.