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18. Cross Stitch: This stitch is also called as counted thread embroidery work because this embroidery is done over a counted thread fabric (fabric made out of basket weave, also called as matty cloth). Make a row of slanting stitch through the holes seen in the fabric. Complete this way the whole design and work on the opposite direction by stitching over the already made stitch. Various geometrical designs can be done through this embroidery. Six strand of thread should be used for this stitch. Satin stitch can also be used for this.

9.2 BODY MEASUREMENT: a. Care to be taken: 1. Try to know the customers requirements, regarding the fit, style and shape of the garment (pockets, collar, buttons, seam, finish etc.) before taking measurements. A preliminary talk with the customer, showing fashion pictures are stitched garment will help one to understand the design.