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8. Sewing on fabrics: Raise the presser foot and turn the flywheel so that the take-up lever is at its highest point. Pull the upper and under threads straight back under the presser foot to prevent them from becoming knotted at the beginning of the stitching line. Place the cloth to be stitched under the presser foot, with the seam allowance to the right of the needle and the Under threading rest of the material to the left. Now turn the wheel until the needle enters the fabric at the exact starting point, and then lower the presser foot. Start the machine slowly, guiding the material gently; with both your hands, and then gradually increase the speed of stitching.

To gather or pleat the material, work basting stitches picking up a few threads of the fabrics under each dot. On finishing the basting of each row cut the thread, leaving a loose end. On dotted or checked materials, this basting stitch can be worked without marking dots. The threads are pulled up to gather the material into evenly spaced pleats.