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In India there are very few concerns making paper patterns probably because there is not much demand for them. Unlike in foreign countries we have the facility to get our clothes custom tailored at fairly reasonable rates, housewives and woman who know a little bit of tailoring prefer to make their own patterns rather than buying expensive ready made patterns. This may be another reason for the lack of demand for commercial patterns.

2. Cuff with placket: `The three most popular styles are the lapped cuff, shirt cuff, and french cuff. Each is constructed and applied to the sleeve after the placket opening is made at the sleeve edge. The three most commonly used plackets, are the faced placket, continous bound placket, and Tailored or shirt placket. Note that edges of the faced placket, meet at the opening, while edges of the other two plackets lap. The continuous bound placket is finished with a single fabric strip to create a narrow lap; the shirt placket is finished with two seperate pieces to create a wider lap.