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3. Stream retting: This method for producing high quality flax fiber was used before but now is outmoded. 4. Tank or VAT retting: The flax is immersed in wooden vats of warm water at temperature. Ranging from 25-30c which hastens the decomposition of the woody bark. The flax is removed from the vats and passed between rollers to crush the decomposed bark as clean water flushes away the pectin or gum and other impurities. Linen produced by this method is more susceptible to mildew.

Knitting is the construction of the fabric by forming the yarn into loops which hang upon the other. This fabric may be constructed by a single yarn or by a group of yarns running lengthwise. Another definition of knitting is as follows-Knitting is a cloth of interlocking loops from one or more yarns or from a series of yarns. The construction of a knitted fabric is evaluated by the number of stitches or loops that can be counted in any square inch.