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Size 10 Girls Clothing - Long Tops

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Size: 10


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2. Mini Skirt: If the skirts length ends at mid thigh level then it is called mini skirt. (3-5 below crotch). 3. Normal Skirt: The length of the normal skirt is 2-3 just below the knee. 4. Ballerina Skirt: The skirt which ends at mid calf level is called ballerina skirt.

12. Low waisted and high waisted skirt: The waistline of the skirt can be altered so that it falls below or raised above the natural waistline which are actually developed from basic skirt foundation. Low waisted skirt is 3 down from the natural waistline and a high waisted skirt has extended waistline Flared gore Layered Skirt A-line Skirt Skirt with peplum Pegged Skirt 181 at any desired amount. The low waisted hugs the hipline below the waistline whereas the high waisted skirt extends above the natural waistline.