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Girls Clothing - Crop Tops

Price: $25.00

Description: Nylon lycra cropped singlet top. Front lined. Patterns may vary

Item: 3235


Band Cuff Straight Turnback Cuff Shaped Turnback Cuff Lapped Cuff Shirt Cuff French Cuff 175 The lapped cuff, with a continous bound placket has one end projecting from placket edge. The shirt cuff is sewed with its ends aligned to the underlap and overlap edges of the shirt placket. The french cuff, with a faced placket, is sewed to the placket edges so cuff ends meet rather than lap, the cuff is cut wide to double back onto itself.

Do not pull the material forward or backward, but hold the two layers slightly taut and firm at the back and front of presser foot. When you are nearing the end of the stitching line, stitch slowly with right hand on flywheel and left hand on work. Stop the machine in time so that you do not sew beyond the cloth. Have the take-up lever at its highest point to avoid unthreading the needle when beginning to stitch again. Raise the presser foot and pull the material straight back with threads under the presser foot to avoid needle from bending.