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Girls Clothing - Crop Tops

Price: $25.00

Description: Nylon lycra cropped singlet top. Front lined. Patterns may vary

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16.3.3. Binding: Bias binding is used to finish and strengthen raw edges and to add a decorative trim to a garment. It shows both on the right and wrong side. It is used to finish necklines, armholes, sleeve edges, front closings, collars, cuffs and seams. It can be adapted equally well to straight, curved gathered and irregular edges (like scallops). When finished, bias binding should have uniform width (less than ) and should lie flat and smooth without any stitches showing on the right side of the garment.

10. What is shirring? PART III Answer in a page: 10 marks 1. Give a brief account or dart types. 2. Write about different types of tucks with diagram. 3. Write in brief on four types of pleats. 4. Write short notes on gathers with diagram.