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Girls Clothing - Shorts

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Description: Sublimated Mystique Shorts

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2. Shears: For cutting fabric, shears are more satisfactory than scissors. Shears differ from scissors, in which shears have one small ring handle for the thumb and a large ring handle for the second, third and fourth fingers. They also have longer blades (8 to 12). It is better to select bent handled shears made of high quality steel and having blades joined with a bolt or screw rather than a rivet. Take good care of your shears and use them only for cutting fabric. Do not drop them or leave them out to rust or cut any other item.

4. Hemming stitch: This is used to finish the raw edge of the garment usually referred as the hem. Hemming must be fine, evenly spaced and must be inconspicuous from the right side of the garment. Start the hem with a tiny knot and finish with the same. Hemming must be as invisible as possible on the right side. Of the garment do slanting stitch on wrong side, close enough to hold the hem securely, picking one or two yarns of the fabric. Usually this stitch is seen in all types of garments. Improperly hemmed garment may show problem as: Hemming stitch 1. Stitches straightly formed 4. Knot prominently shown on right side 2. Puckered hem 5. Attached thread shown on right side 3. Stitches not evenly spaced This stitch is used for finishing sleeve edges, handkerchief, skirt, hemline, neckline edges, piping, pillow covers and other edges also.