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Girls Clothing - Sleeveless Leotard

Price: $55.00

Description: Sublimated Leotard. Designed and made by us.

Item: 3230


11. U shaped neckline: It is cut in front in the shape of letter U. It is the modification of round neckline. The Depth of neckline is more than the normal round neckline. 12. Wedge-shaped Neckline: This is another variation of neckline where a straight line and curved line is combined to from a wedge-shaped opening. Mark points to indicate the depth wanted and the width at lower line, which is wider than the regular square opening, join these points by a straight line, and then draw the side line in the curved effect joining the straight line.

Trim the seam as wide as the finished binding. Turn under 1/8 to on the outer edge of the bias and fold it over the seam on the wrong side. Now hem the fold to the line of stitching using hemming stitches.