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Girls Clothing - Sleeveless Leotard

Price: $65.00

Description: Sublimated Mystique Leotard with rhinestones. Designed and made by us.

Item: 3224


Yoke with panel Partial yoke 191 3. Designing seamline of yoke: The yoke can be joined to the body of the garment in a decorative may be insertion of ruffles, lace, ricrac, faggoting, decorative stitches or top stitches in contrasting colored thread.

b. Loops: There are two types of loop. They are Thread loop and Fabric loop. The thread loop is an inconspicuous fastening which is most often found at the neck edge. To make a thread loop, sew four or five strands of matching thread on the under lap in the correct position, then work buttonhole stitches over these strands.