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Stitch a seam joining the points where the sides of the two strips intersect. Press the seam open and trim the seam projection showing on right side. 16.3.2. Facing: These are used to provide a neat finish to the raw edges in a garment and to support the shape of neck line, armholes, collars, etc. When the edge to be faced is a straight line, the facing may be cut in one piece with the garment section. If the shape of the neckline is a curved one a bias piece can be used. Usually facing are applied separately. The color of the facing piece must co-ordinate with the colour of the garment fabric.

For that reason, the instructions for making a form have been included. 108 Materials needed: Two shirts of thin knit material such as T-shirt. Thin muslin cut on the bias, and about 5 inches wide, to build up a neckline, or gauze tubing shaped to the figure; or a packaged dress form kit, which will contain all necessary material. Two rolls of medium weight adhesive papers, one inch wide.