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6. Faggoting: This trim is used between seams to give a decorative touch or to add the length or width of garment. To executive the design cut the yoke and the lower section of the blouse separately, with seam allowances. Also cut the yoke pattern on heavy paper with one inch allowance. Fold under the allowance on edge of the yoke where faggoting is to be done and tack the folded edge to the prepared pattern. Now tack also the lower section of the blouse after folding in the seam allowance Then do the faggoting with zigzag stitches between foldings.

Line up the vertical central thread with the centre front line of the stand, and pin. To avoid injury to the fabric, use very fine pins, e.g. silk pins, and keep pinning to a minimum. Temporarily pin the surplus fabric to the side of the stand you are not modeling. Mould the fabric around the stand as desired, allowing the excess fabric to fall freely into the area where you wish the fullness of the drape to be placed. Use drapes in place of darts. The drapes can be continuing along the out edges of the stand and be allowed to fall forwards or back wards into a cascade of drapery or be caught up into a seam line etc., use the grain to experiment for the best effect, numbering that fabric drapes best on the bias. It is some times necessary to control drapes e.g. on a wide neckline could fall off the shoulder or in the case of side panel, where billows might occurs. The following methods are used to control drapes.