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Size: L6


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2. Skirt with minimum flare: This type of skirt fits the waist tightly with only two darts and has only 1 to 2 ease allowance on the hipline. About 2 flare is added on the side seam of skirt for freedom of movement.

b. Processing: To produce good quality of wool, sheep are prevented against disease by chemicals and are fed nutritional diets. Wool can be sheared from the living animal or pulled from the hide after the animal has been slaughtered for its meat or it is dead due to some disease or something. The sheared wool is called fleece or clip wool. Fibers taken from the slaughtered animal hide are called pulled wool. It is not as good as clipped wool. The shearing of clipped wool can be done manually or chemically. In chemical shearing the animal is fed a special chemical, which causes the wool to become loose from the skin, or fall away and it can then be brushed together and removed without mechanical shearing.