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Item: 1927

Size: 12


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5. Sex and age of the wearer: Certain collars like Peter Pan collar, rippled collars etc, give a feminine touch to the garment. Straight line collars are masculine in appearance and are more suited to mens garment. Sailor collar, cape collar etc., look effective and becoming only on childrens garments. Older women should avoid collars in unusual shapes and sizes and collars with decorative details.

14.2.1 Placket types: 1. Continuous bound placket: This is also called one-piece placket and may be made in a seam or slash. It is suitable for childrens dresses, undergarments like sari petticoat, and for sleeve openings Continuous bound placket 141 where a cuff or band is used. Do not use this placket on curved seams and on bulky fabrics.